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1What do the initials SEO stand for?
SEO is simply Search Engine Optimization. This is the process by which one takes a site to the top of the search engine results pages, otherwise referred to as SERPs, for the various search terms and phrases.
2What are SERPs?
SERPS are search engine results pages, or simply, what you see after you key in a search term/phrase on Google and hit enter/search. For instance, if you type in "where to buy milk in Nairobi" on Google, this is called a search phrase (else a keyword) and the results that show up on Google for this term are the SERPs numbered from 1 up to 10 and beyond.
3Do I need keywords to rank a site?
Yes. It is very important to know who your potential clients are. This way, you can observe their behavior online to know at what point they are likely to buy from you. This behavior is normally exhibited via some keywords and key phrases that they use just before they come to your website.
4My site is penalized. Can you help bring it back to the top?
Yes. We can help recover a penalized site. However, sometimes, it is very expensive to do this, especially if the penalty was as a result of the use of some blackhat techniques to rank. Simply let us have your site details and we will let you know if it is worth recovering as opposed to creating a new site.

On Page SEO

1What is On-Page SEO?
These are simply the processes and activities that you work on within your own website to help it rank. Examples include adding keyword focused content, meta tags and keywords, in-linking, site structure and navigation, adding a Google sitemap, among others.
2Do I need a lot of content to rank well?
Yes and No. Some niches are very competitive and may require that you have quite some unique content to rank well. However, this is only in a very small percentage of sites and niches. Most other sites can rank even with less than 10 pages of content.
3When you say content, what does that mean?
This simply means articles that you have on your website, videos, images, photos, infographics and others like PDFs documents on the site.

Off-Page SEO

1What is Offpage SEO?
Anythign that you do outside your site to help rank your own site is refered to as offpage SEO. For instance, you may build a facebook profile/page for your business. This is part of offpage seo. You may also create a map citation for your business website. This one too is offpage SEO. Off page SEO helps build authority for your website by siphoning it off other authority websites.
2Are backlink building software safe?
This is a hard question. It depends on what the software does. At Sprintdeals, we rarely use software for backlinks. We do it manually to ensure a clean link profile that won't be penalized later by Google, while also ensuring relevance of the links coming in to our clients websites.
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